Tree Trimming & Tree Removal Services for Central Florida communities including Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven

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Professional Tree Trimming & Tree Removal Services Offered For Residents & Businesses in Lakeland, Lakeland, and Lakeland, FL Area

Our familiarity with various tree species in the region allows us to maintain the aesthetics, safety, and health of your trees through proper trimming and removal.

Hutchinson Lawn Service team member trimming tree limbs on a property in Lakeland, FL.

Hutchinson Lawn Service’s team stands ready to provide the residents and businesses all across the area of Lakeland, Lakeland, and Lakeland, Florida with professional tree trimming and tree removal services.

Whether you want tree trimming or tree removal for safety reasons, for aesthetics, or for maintaining the health of your property’s trees, our services are done safely and efficiently. Because our team was born and raised in Lakeland, we are intimately familiar with the various species of trees that you can find in the region along with the proper way to handle their trimming and removal.

If you are in need of tree trimming services or tree removal services Hutchinson Lawn Service should be the first call you make!

Our Tree Trimming Services Will Make Your Property Safer & Look Well-Maintained

Excellent example of a dead tree branch being removed safely in Plant City, FL.

Tree trimming is a task that property owners tend to overlook until they see a dead branch hanging down and ready to fall. There are a number of reasons why trimming your trees is important. For example:

  • Removing any dead or dying limbs will improve the health of your tree while also cutting down the risk of a falling branch from causing property damage or injuring someone.
  • Getting rid of unhealthy or dead limbs will keep any further decay from harming your tree.
  • You will improve the health of your trees by keeping them trimmed because their exposure to sunlight will be increased.
  • Tree trimming helps a tree to maintain its shape.
  • Having your trees trimmed is a great way to make your property look well-maintained.

Falling tree branches have been known to cause serious injuries such as bone fractures, cranial trauma, internal injuries and more. Investing in tree trimming services is an easy way to avoid such potential harm.

Since different species of trees have different times of the year that they should be trimmed, it is important to have knowledgeable experts, such as our team members, handle your tree trimming so that it can be done properly.

Growth In The Wrong Direction, Storm Damage, & Disease Are Reasons You May Need Our Tree Removal Services

Two trees on a Winter Haven, FL property are being prepped to be taken down.

Central Florida communities like Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven can experience severe thunderstorms and heavy rains. Not only that, Hurricane Irma reminded residents in the fall of 2017 that tropical storms and hurricanes can indeed visit Central Florida and not just limit themselves to the coastal areas.

Because of these powerful forces of nature, big branches and even entire trees can be brought down. A tree that is struck by lightning, or has been compromised by high winds can become a very dangerous threat to safety, especially if it has been left to grow out of control or if it is located too close to your home or business.

Lighting occurs so frequently in Florida that is is called the lightning capital of the United States. As such, it is extremely common for trees to be struck by lightning.

Aside from uncontrolled growth or proximity to important structures, other reasons why you may need tree removal services include:

  • If the tree is too large for your property.
  • If the tree has been severely infested by insects or has been stricken by disease.
  • Cracks that have appeared in the trunk. This will cause a destabilization of the tree’s structure.
  • The tree has sustained major storm damage that prevents it from being saved.
  • If you are going to have construction performed on-site and the tree is in the way.
  • You have a tree that is growing in the wrong direction and efforts to correct its growth have been unsuccessful.
  • There is a new landscape design about to be executed for your property that will cause the tree to be out of place.

When you hire us for tree removal services, we will take it down in a well-planned, responsible and safe manner.

Combining Our Tree Removal & Bush Hogging Services Together For Unmatched Land Clearing

Hutchinson Lawn Service only uses professional equipment such as the new tractor that was purchased for removing tree stumps.

If you are looking to put a portion of land to use for a construction project or some other purpose, combining our tree removal service with the bush hogging service that we offer is a great way to have your land cleared.

Our team can rid your property of tall and dense vegetation, remove trees, stumps, and large stones. The land clearing that we can provide is complete and unmatched!

Call For a Free Estimate On Tree Trimming & Tree Removal

A storm damaged tree in Lakeland is  carefully inspected.

We provide free estimates. Whether we are hired for tree trimming or tree removal, each estimate request and each job is handled based upon our customer’s individual needs. Our team will do the job right and with safety at the forefront of all considerations.

Our tree trimming services and tree removal services are available to the residents and businesses in and around Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven, Florida by calling (863) 934-9529.