Professional Bush Hog Mowing available for overgrown properties throughout Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven, FL

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We Offer Bush Hogging for Landowners in Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven, FL Done With Professional Equipment

Have our experienced team rid your pasture, field, or large property of tall grass and thick underbrush.

Large and neglected residential front yard in Lakeland, FL with very high grass.

In the area spanning communities like Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven, there are plenty of pastures, fields, and land plots with large acreage. Because these properties are big, it can become difficult to keep grass, brush, and other thick vegetation under control with just regular lawn mowing services.

At Hutchinson Lawn Service, we offer bush hogging services to get rid of the tall grass and thick vegetation from your land. Our team members are experienced and have the professional equipment needed to get your property mowed the right way.

If you are a landowner with a lot of acreage and need your overgrown grass and underbrush mowed, we stand ready with our bush hogging gear to bring order to the chaos of your property.

What is Bush Hogging

The simplest way to describe bush hogging is to say that it is the mowing of tall grass and thick underbrush. However, the height and thickness of the vegetation being mowed, as well as the type of terrain that can be involved, make it impossible to use a standard push mower or even a riding mower.

Since a regular mower can’t handle such tough jobs, we use a specialized, oversized mower called a bush hog. Because of this rugged machine, we can efficiently turn your overgrown property into one that is ready to be used for whatever purposes you may have in mind.

One aspect of bush hogging mowers that make them well suited for their job is the ruggedness of their blades. They are generally made from high-carbon steel that has been treated so that they can endure strikes from rocks and other hard objects.

Since communities in Central Florida such as Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven contain large properties and rural areas, the heavy-duty mowing services of bush hogging is popular.

Bush hogging can be done for all sorts of terrain including:

  • Fields
  • Pastures
  • Lake Shore Areas
  • Dry Retention Ponds
  • Large Acreage Yards
  • Ditches

How Our Bush Hog Mowing Services Work

Bush hog mower being put to work on a property in Plant City, FL with thick underbrush.

At Hutchinson Lawn Service, we believe in conducting our business in an efficient and professional manner. That translates into making it an easy process for you to hire our team to mow your densely overgrown property.

In acquiring our bush hog service, you can expect things to proceed the following way:

  1. Call For Estimate - Everything starts with a call to our team. During the call we will ask you a few questions about your property that will enable us to provide you with an estimate. If needed, we can also visit your property for an in-person inspection at no extra cost to you.
  2. Mowing Services Are Performed - After we have determined your precise needs based upon our initial phone conversation or in-person inspection, we proceed with your bush hog mowing service. For customers with very large acreage it may be necessary to divide the job up into more than one session.
  3. Optional Debris Removal - If you have and stumps or large stones that you want to get rid of, we can remove them for you for an extra fee.

We offer our bush hog mowing as both a one-time service and as a once per quarter service.

We Offer a Complete Land Clearing Option

If you are in need of complete land clearing services, we should be your first choice! Bush hogging is only one element of what can take place during land clearing. By adding tree removal to the bush hog mowing services we provide, you can have your land completely cleared and ready to be used in whatever way you have planned.

One of the prized pieces of equipment that we have at our disposal is a 90 horsepower tractor that is great for bringing down trees and hauling heavy debris from the site.

Call For a Quote on Bush Hogging for Your Pasture, Field, or Overgrown Property

Dense brush in the field of a landowner in Winter Haven, FL.

Our bush hogging services are used by ranchers, private property owners, farmers, and land developers throughout Lakeland, Plant City, Winter Haven, and other areas across Central Florida.

Whether you have a large and overgrown property, a pasture with thick underbrush, or a field with waist-high grass you can call our expert team at (863) 934-9529 for a quote on professional bush hog mowing services.