We Install Asphalt Driveways for property owners located in the region of Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven, FL

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We Offer Asphalt Driveway Installation for Homeowners Throughout The Greater Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven, FL Area

Our team will install a blacktop driveway that is low maintenance, cost-effective, and that will bring more aesthetic appeal to your home.

A sealer is being applied to a blacktop driveway that has been installed in Lakeland, FL.

When it comes to customizing the look of your home, there are few options available that are as low maintenance, practical, and cost-effective as an asphalt driveway.

At Hutchinson Lawn Service, we install asphalt driveways for homeowners throughout the Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven areas of Florida you will see plenty of homes with asphalt driveways, which is a testament to their growing popularity among homeowners.

If you are looking to bring more aesthetic appeal to your home by installing a blacktop driveway, then our team should be your first choice for the job!

Benefits of Installing an Asphalt Driveway

Brand new asphalt driveway installed for a homeowner in Plant City, FL

There is a reason why a growing number of homeowners are opting to have an asphalt driveway installed. The reason is the benefits!

There are of course other options for your driveway installation, such as a poured concrete driveway or even a custom decorative driveway. Though they may share some of the benefits of a blacktop driveway, none of them share all of those benefits or in the same combination.

Benefits of an asphalt driveway installation include:


A blacktop driveway is more cost-effective to install than a poured concrete driveway or a decorative driveway, as they cost less per square foot for materials and installation, and they cost less to maintain.


Asphalt driveways are known for their longevity and are definitely capable of lasting up to 20 years. With a low cost for installation and a lifespan of up to 20 years, it is difficult to find other ways to improve your home that result in that sort of return on investment.

Versatile & Pleasing Aesthetic

It doesn’t matter if you own a home is in a modern style, a classic style, one-story, two-story, tan, white, yellow, pink, or purple, blacktop driveways will match seamlessly with virtually any style or color home you could imagine. Add to that the simplicity of their texture and color, it becomes easy to see why asphalt driveways are so versatile and aesthetically pleasing.

Low Maintenance

Unlike a poured concrete driveway, asphalt driveways are made from a material that has some measure of flexibility. This makes them less likely to crack under varying temperatures. Because of this, there isn’t much need for periodic patchwork. About the only maintenance needed for blacktop driveways is the application of a sealcoat every few years.

Applying a sealcoat every few years will prevent such afflictions as growth of weeds, bulging, cracking, and fading.

Quick Installation

Depending on the size of the asphalt driveway you are having installed and the local climate, our team can complete your driveway installation in a day or two. Additionally, asphalt driveways can be fully dry and ready to use within two days. That is a much faster turnaround time than driveways made from other materials like concrete.

How the Asphalt Driveway Installation Process Works

Team members from Hutchinson Lawn Service has installed an asphalt driveway for a new client in Winter Haven, FL.

The team members at Hutchinson Lawn Service are experienced at installing asphalt driveways and know how to do the job right and efficiently. We take the time needed and do not cut corners in order to ensure that your blacktop driveway will last for years to come.

Customers throughout the Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven area that hire us can expect the installation process to proceed as follows:

  1. We will remove your current driveway surface by breaking it up and hauling away the debris. This is done because the surface that we will be laying the asphalt driveway must be completely clear and clean before installation can begin.
  2. Are team members will grade your driveway slope around the sides or the bottom in order to allow for proper drainage.
  3. A drum roller is used to compact the base soil. We do this to ensure that the soil is compacted properly.
  4. We cover the base soil with crushed rock that is coarse and jagged. The crushed rock, often referred to as Road-base mix, is an important component of proper drainage.
  5. The crushed rock is packed into the base soil.
  6. The asphalt aggregate is laid on top of the crushed rocks and then compacted with a heavy roller.
  7. We treat the edges of the driveway to make sure it is formed at a 45-degree angle at the edges.

Call For a Consultation on A Low Maintenance & Cost Effective Blacktop Driveway For Your Home

At Hutchinson Lawn Service, we are happy to help our customers throughout the greater Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven, Florida area to bring a cost effective, low maintenance, and practical improvement to their home by way of the quality asphalt driveways we install.

The members of our team are experienced and can get the job done for you in a professional manner that assures quality. Call us today at (863) 934-9529 for a consultation. We would be happy to discuss your needs and then get started right away on installing a blacktop driveway for your home.